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The Full Story of

Bandit Detailing

I am Nicholas Presley, Founder and CEO of Bandit Detailing. I had originally started my journey into cars the mechanic route at Elizabethtown Community and Technical College and quickly learned that it was not for me. During this time frame, I was cleaning my own car. One day my neighbor saw me cleaning my car and asked me to clean his mother-in-law's 2018 Nissan Rogue for $20. I was a poor college student so I said absolutely and got to work. I was blown away by how enjoyable and satisfying it was to clean this car. Through detailing this car and my own, I realized the overall joy I had in cleaning cars. After this, I finally found what I was supposed to do with my life. Due to the military, my family and I moved to Fort Drum, New York where Bandit Detailing was initially formed. It was a massive success up in New York for the year and a half we were there. Due to my grandma developing dementia, our family moved here to Missouri. It didn't take long to get things rolling again and Fall of 2021 Bandit Detailing has begun to set its roots in Jackson, Missouri. While this story is not yet finished and has merely just begun, I am overly excited to meet new people and develop a client base here. When you choose Bandit Detailing, you are not only purchasing a service, you're purchasing a piece in a legacy that is just beginning! Keep scrolling to learn more about the company with our vision and mission statements as well as our core values. 


Our Mission:

To Build an Empire and Leave a Legacy

The Vision

To become the Best Detailing Company for Generations, by Providing High-Quality Services to Every Valued Client. 

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