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Exterior Detailing

At Bandit Detailing we pride ourselves on being upfront and honest with our services and how we do them.

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  1. We start by rinsing the vehicle removing large contaminants on the paint. This prevents accidental scratching of the paint​

  2. Next, we lather your vehicle in a pH neutral soap from a foam cannon

  3. We then hand wash the entire car using the "Two Bucket Method". This method is trusted by detailers around the world to deep clean the car

  4. Next is to deep clean the wheels and wheel wells. This includes "carpet" and plastic wheels wells

  5. The vehicle then gets completely rinsed again to remove the soap

  6. After this, is the final rinse of the whole vehicle

  7. Last step involving water, we clean the undercarriage of your car to remove mud, salt, and other contaminants from the undercarriage

  8. Then after this is to dry off the car using premium microfiber drying towels from The Rag Company

  9. We then go around the entire car and apply a hand wax AND a sealent to the paint (granting 3-6 months protection)

  10. After your paint has been taken care of, we then restore trim to a deep black and restore chromes to a shiny silver

  11. To wrap things up, we do a final walkthrough to ensure not a speck of dirt remains on the car

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Car Exterior Detail

Starting at $25


Truck Exterior

Starting at $40


SUV Exterior Detail

Starting at $60

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