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Welcome to Bandit Detailing

The Highest Quality Detailing in the Nation

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About Us

Our mission at Bandit Detailing is simple: To build an empire and leave a legacy. I am Nicholas Presley, Founder and CEO of Bandit Detailing. I had originally started my journey into cars the mechanic route and quickly learned that it was not for me. During this time frame, I was detailing and cleaning my own car, when my neighbor saw me cleaning it and asked me to detail his mother-in-law's 2018 Nissan Rogue. Through detailing this car and my own, I realized the overall joy I had in cleaning cars. After this, I set out to create my own business. For more information on our back story, mission and vision click the Learn More tab below.

Professional Services

At Bandit Detailing we pride ourselves on being upfront and honest with our services and how we do them. With this being said, you can click on the learn more tab below each service to learn what actually takes place and what our pricing breakdown is. This way you know what to expect and how much you will pay when you schedule a detail. In addition, you may realize we only offer one detail package now, this is to ensure that every vehicle that recieves the official Bandit Detailing seal is absolutely impeccable when it leaves our shop. 

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Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coatings are the best way to protect your vehicle's exterior as well as the interior; keeping it looking new longer. 

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Complete Detailing

We offer this package to those clients that see their car as their pride and joy, this package is only for those that want their car looking absolutely perfect with the maximum level of protection, gloss, and water beading!

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Additional Services

Our smaller service offerings can be found in this category. We offer services like Headlight Restoration, Engine Bay Cleaning, Taillight Tinting, and much more!

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Customer Reviews

"My car saw a hard winter and got to the point where just hosing it off at the local car wash was not enough. I had little chunks of metal called rail dust stuck to the paint on probably 80% of the car. And my carpets were full of salt and sand. Without easy access to a water hose and outlets for a carpet shampooer I had to leave it to someone who knows what they're doing.

I left my car in the morning and had it back that afternoon looking better than it did coming from the dealer 5 months ago. He even drove me back to the airfield. It's a shame I have to drive it now. I already picked up a few bugs with my windshield driving it home.

The value is super high considering it's cheaper than the big names in detailing and he'll spend time with the car rather than rolling through 20 cars a day and waiting to just get out of work."

— TheBsniz on Google


730  W Jackson Blvd,

Jackson, MO 63755, USA

(719) 761-7712

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