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The Ultimate Detail

At Bandit Detailing we offer this package to those clients that see their car as their pride and joy, this package is only for those that want their car looking absolutely perfect with the maximum level of protection, gloss, and water beading!

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  1. Starting things off with the interior, begin with a very deep and detailed vacuum.

  2. After this, the entire car's carpets get heat extracted and shampooed removing any staining.

  3. Next, we prop a car-safe heater inside your vehicle to prevent mildew formation and to help dry the seats and carpet before you get there.

  4. In the meantime, we do a deep clean of your dash components and apply an interior Ceramic protectant from SystemX to the dash that makes it look brand new and protected for years.

  5. **For Leather seats... they get cleaned with a specialty leather cleaner, rejuvenated with a Vitamin E conditioner, and lastly a protected with SystemX Interior Ceramic Coating

  6. **For Alcantara and Suede seats... These get steam cleaned to protect the fragile fibers in both of these and then protected with SystemX Interior Ceramic Coating

  7. Now before the car goes back to you we run over your ENTIRE vehicle with a review to make sure we didn't miss a single thing

  1. We kick things off by deep cleaning the wheels and wheel wells. Now by deep clean we do not mean just taking care of the rim face... no, we take the wheel off and deep clean the wheel barrel and ceramic coat the entire rim with SystemX Max coating. This coating offers the highest level of chemical resistance to fight the brake dust and has a lifetime warranty

  2. After this we proceed to deeply and properly cleaning your engine bay. with lots of electronic components it takes a skilled hand to deep clean these engines. Once fully cleaned, we then protect the engine bay with SystemX Interior Ceramic Coating

  3. Next, we move on to rinsing the vehicle, thus removing large contaminants on the paint. This prevents accidental scratching of the paint​

  4. Next, we lather your vehicle in a pH-neutral soap from a foam cannon

  5. We then hand wash the entire car using the "Two Bucket Method". This method is trusted by detailers around the world to deep clean the car

  6. The vehicle then gets completely rinsed again to remove the soap

  7. Just when you thought that was far enough, your vehicle then gets an Iron Detox with an iron remover. Have you noticed those tiny brown specks in your paint? While it is hard to see these specks on darker-colored vehicles, they are still there eating through your car's clear coat... This chemical removes those specks revealing beautiful and smooth paint underneath

  8. After this, is the final rinse of the whole vehicle. To aid in our drying process and to add a base layer of protection, we apply a spray wax to the paint

  9. The last step involving water, we raise your vehicle and clean the undercarriage of your car to remove mud, salt, and other contaminants from the undercarriage

  10. Then after this is to dry off the car using our staple premium microfiber drying towels and a blower

  11. With the car completely dry, we then use a mixture of alcohol and water around the entire car to ensure that all impurities are removed from the paint allowing our paste wax and glass a nice base to adhere to

  12. We then go around the entire car and apply a hand glaze (to bring out that glossy wet paint finish) AND a sealant to the paint (granting 3-6 months protection)

  13. After your paint has been taken care of, we then restore trim to a deep black and protecting them with a ceramic coating through Cerakote and restore those chromes to a shiny silver

  14. Just when you thought we were finished, we then apply a RainX coating to all the exterior glasses around your vehicle. 

  15. To wrap things up on the exterior, we do a final walkthrough to ensure not a speck of dirt remains on the car\

Our Pricing

**Cash ONLY**

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Car Ultimate Detail



Truck Ultimate


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SUV Ultimate Detail


Included Add-On Services

**ONLY Available With this Package**

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Headlight and Window RainX

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Engine Bay Cleaned

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 Rim Removal & Deep Cleaning

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Ozone Generation

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